Eventful Return: Sound View Cafe

As always, I find myself struggling to find a lunch spot in Pike’s Place Market. Due to a combination of hunger pangs and sheer laziness, I hit up Sound View Cafe.Unfortunately, this time wasn’t as pleasant as the last.

Although I didn’t notice it last time, you can get a salad combo where you fill as much as you can onto a plate for a fixed price and get a cup of chowder too! (10.95). The salad is very light, and refreshing, yet satisfying.

The chowder was kinda nasty though, as it had the taste and consistency of an HK Cafe’s  Cream of Potato Soup instead of tasting like a real clam chowder.

I ordered a regular beef burger (9.99).  The fries could’ve stood to be a bit crispier though the bun was nice in that regard. The patty was nice and juicy but a few hours after lunch I started getting a really upset stomach. Something tells me it wasn’t cooked all the way through…


-Reasonable price

-Good view of Puget Sound

-Convenient location in the market


-Possible food poisoning

Closing Comments: Maybe I’ll stick to the salad next time and avoid the poisoning.

Overall Rating: 5.5 PBJ’s out of a Possible 10

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