Cheesecake Factory (Westfield South Center)

For YEARS now, Congeez has been suggesting that if I’m ever near one, I should try a Cheesecake Factory. Most times I just agree and end up never going (LOL don’t kill me!), but finally the time had come to visit and review it! After exploring South Center a bit, we were famished and one of the closest places to hit up, that wasn’t Olive Garden, was, you guessed it, Cheesecake Factory!

I vaguely remember seeing one in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and this one had very similar architecture to that one.

The architecture inside kind of gives an Egyptian feel. Some of the column lights looked like Sauron from Lord of the Rings LOL.

No matter what you order, they bring you some complimentary bread. The white bread was pretty tasteless and uninspired. The brown one was a bit malty and had a nice sweetness to it. Kudos for the rolls being pre-sliced so you can tear off a piece with ease.

Javachip had the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (11.95). The salad in the back, which I stupidly cut off when taking the photo, had  a GODLY vinaigrette that would make you want to eat nothing by greens. The coleslaw wasn’t overly creamy or overly dressed like at some places…(cough) White Spot. The sandwich though pretty much tasted like one big BBQ Pork Bun.

I ordered one of their specialties, the Famous Factory Meatloaf (15.95). This was a MASSIVE helping that I had great difficulty finishing. The meat loaf was soft, moist with an abundance of carrots inside. It had a flavouring similar to stuffing and was mildly sweet. Was deceptively filling!

Before you ask, yes I had to break it up because the plate was too large to fit into a single picture.Here we have the mashed potatoes. I liked how the mash had the skins still and how it had a mild buttery flavour to it. It was a little on the chunky side for me though. The gravy tasted very beefy and wasn’t too runny or gooey.

Lastly, on the plate, there was a helping of corn succotash. It pretty much is a BBQ in your mouth. The whole combination is grilled, which you can really taste with every bite.


-MASSIVE portions

-Really decent quality eats

-Good variety

-Attentive service

-Dishes that support a variety of budgets (e.g. 9,99 to like 25.99)


-Portions are so large, you might not be able to have enough room for a slice of cheesecake lol

-Watch out for the pastas…they can add up to like 1000 calories

-Wait was like 30 minutes to get a seat

Closing Comments: My first experience at this chain was a good one. Giant portions with fairly high quality. Would definitely come back sometime!

Overall Rating: 8.75 PBJ’s out of a possible 10

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