How to NOT Judge a Book by its Cover: Emerald Thai

After a long day of driving to the Woodland Zoo and the Boeing Factory, we were famished but the only things in sight were a Denny’s and an IHOP. A bit dismayed, we fired up our GPS and discovered a nifty Thai place was located nearby, called Emerald Thai, so off we went!

Holy crap, when we pulled into the lot, this place screamed food poisoning lol. Often times, when a place looks sketchy it’s either an amazing gem or a sign of horrible things to come. Thankfully though, it was the former!

The interior screams 1970’s with its fake flowers and wooden paneling. Kind of homey.

First off, we have the Pad Ka Prau (10.95). It had quite a kick and was super gingery!

Next off, we have some good ol’ Pineapple Fried Rice (12.95). It was very spicy with a generous amount of pineapples. I think there was a good deal of curry powder used to give it its kick, but damn was it effective! There were also some cashews throughout that gave it a nice crunch.

Here’s a generous helping of Green Curry (Kang Kiew Wan) (10.95). It was quite coconutty and not too spicy yet you could really taste the bamboo shoots and eggplant throughout.

Since it’s a must try at any Thai restaurant, we ordered their take on Chicken Pad Thai (10.95). It had a nice tangy sweetness to the noodles and weren’t overly chewy or mushy. Good stuff!

Last off, we have some Pad Kee Mao, or drunken noodles (12.95). It was really spicy yet also tangy like the Pad Thai and had a bit of nuttiness toe the flavour!


-REALLY friendly owner who comes over to talk to you and checks up on you frequently (his accent is a bit strong, so no idea what the hell he’s talking about, though he seemed nice LOL)

-Solid, home cooked Thai Food

-Giant portions


-Rice ain’t included, gotta pay extra for it

-Prices can get steep depending on how many you order

Closing Comments: Some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had. Would go back just to see the friendly owner again.

Overall Rating: 8.7 PBJ’s out of a possible 10

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