Cafe Classico

I really like Burnaby Heights. The area has a certain degree of hustle and bustle but it still has somewhat of a small town feel to it; it’s not completely “gentrified” like Yaletown as there’s quite a number of small ma and pa places still operating! Today’s adventure took me to Cafe Classico. Very unassuming from the outside, little did I know I was in for a treat!

Here’s a snapshot of the main menu. They also offer gelato which is 3.00 for 1 scoop, 3.95 for 2 scoops, and 4.95 for 3 scoops. As well, they apparently offer sandwiches and soups but, maybe I’m blind or something, but I was unable to find the menu in here for that.

Since it is a coffee shop, gotta try out their cup of java (small for 1.50). It was…well it wasn’t as strong as I’d typically like but it was still satisfying and relatively cheap.

Excuse the hand modeling in this shot. I ordered 1 scoop of espresso flake. It was creamy with REALLY large flakes and had a pretty strong coffee taste. Not sure if they make it in house or not, but was still satisfying on a hot day like today (probably a bad idea to have gotten coffee in the first place…)

What I SHOULD HAVE ordered was an Iced Mocha (4.50). It’s basically a scoop of espresso flake topped with hot coffee on top. Very sweet and satisfying…I’d probably have to make a return trip just for this.


-Friendly, welcoming owners

-Reasonable prices

-Accessible by transit (seriously there’s a bus stop right in front!)

-I like the use of gelato IN the drink itself


-Would like the coffee to be a tad stronger, but that’s just a minor preference

Closing Comments: Friendly folks, friendly prices, this is what I love about ma and pa places!!

Overall Rating: 8.0 PBJ’s out of a possible 10

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