Rockin’ It with Zeeg: Fritz European Fry House

We were originally gonna chow down on some goodies at the Dumpling Festival at the Art Gallery…but that turned out to be a HUGE letdown (imagine a single dim sum stall, from the night market). So, instead, after checking out a recent review on another food blog, we headed to Fritz! BOY, this place is tiny, so don’t plan on eating in there, if possible (take it to go, and perhaps sit on a bench at the nearby park).


At the advice of Easilyfull and Zeeg, ta-da! Used a real camera to take a picture of their Medium Poutine (6.50) [Photo credits for this one go to Zeeg, because I take awful pictures]. I found the cheese had a nice sourness to it and still had some texture (wasn’t total mush). The fries were nice and crispy in some parts, though other parts seemed to be soggy (these were parts untouched by gravy). The gravy though, was AMAZING. it had a rich meaty flavour to it and had a mild peppery kick.

Zeeg’s Take

Although the pricing for poutine here is pretty standard, if you REALLY think about it, it’s just potatoes. So they might be a wee bit overpriced, though at least they’re not hurricane potatoes…Zeeg also found the fries to be mushy in parts though the gravy was the real winner here! She also commented that it was nice how it was layered, in that it went fries, gravy, cheese curds, fries, etc. so that not everything was just piled on top. Lastly, although we didn’t get any on this visit, why do they charge 1.00 for dip that’s the size of a ketchup cup?


-Nice cheese curds and gravy

-Friendly employees


-Not really much of anywhere to sit

-Kind of pricey (in the grand scheme of things of course)

-I know I promised I wouldn’t talk about it anymore, but there was NO washroom at all (Sorry Easilyfull!)

Closing Comments: In the summer, it’d be an alright place to hit up because you can just take it and eat as you go…but in the winter, kind of a doghouse fighting for the few benches.

Overall Rating: 7.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 10

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