Skookum Eats with Lil’ L (MoMo Sushi & Bella Gelateria)

The one thing I love about hanging with Lil’ L is that sometimes, our simple planned adventures take an unexpected, spontaneous turn! After grabbing  some Thai Express and an ice cream bar at Purdy’s, we found ourselves wandering a bit, but DAMN it was cold out! Since we had only eaten a little, we decided to hit up MoMo Sushi for dinner, round 2! (Ding Ding!). This place is really cozy feeling, but also interestingly laid out. When you descend the stairs, it’s almost like wandering into a basement or a dungeon, albeit a comfortable, inviting one!

First off, we started with some Takoyaki (4.50). It had a nice creaminess to it though having a skin that was light and crispy. Although it looks like it, there wasn’t TOO much mayo either! Best part though has to have been the flakes…yummy.

While waiting for Lil’ L’s friend to join us, we ordered a Chirashi Don (10.50), which consists of Assorted Sashimi. I liked the seaweed here, it had a good level of peanut taste to it, probably was my favourite thing in this dish. The scallop LOOKED okay and didn’t have an old texture to it, though was pretty tasteless. The octopus had a nice level of chewiness to it and, at the least, was more flavourful than the scallop. The spicy tuna had a REALLY nice kick to it, as if it were drenched in something akin to kimchi. The Tamago (egg) was a little too sweet, almost artificially so. The salmon was quite fresh though, and DEFINITELY a strong point to this dish.

Lastly, the regular tuna. I’m not sure what it was about it, but the texture just felt SO WRONG. It was like a mixture of granular and fibrous…just weird. The taste too, it had a funky aftertaste. We ended up not finishing those pieces…


-VERY friendly and accomomdating staff

-I think their appies are better than Sashimi stuff

-Reasonably priced

-Cozy atmosphere



-I heard from Lil’ L the washroom is Grade A nasty!

Closing Comments: They were inviting the moment we stepped in and even let us stay a bit after closing, that earns some brownie points in my book!

Overall Rating: 3.8 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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After our little adventure to MoMo Sushi, we decided…why not since the Hot Chocolate Festival is still on, let’s go get some! Seeing how our favourite digs were nearby, we went to Bella Gelateria to divulge ourselves in some sinful treats!

Got me some milk hot chocolate. It DEFINITELY tasted like a bar of milk chocolate was melted into it…sort of like Blenz, though slightly more chocolatey! 100% for sure light years above McDonald’s or Timmy’s. Thanks Lil’ L for not only introducing me to the world of Bella, but to a world of fun-filled spontaneity as well!

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