Clubhouse at Riverway Golf Course

It was a pretty swanky looking clubhouse, like a place where you’d hold a wedding. Coincidentally, I think they divided the hall for that exact purpose, but anyways…the waitress that seated us was kind of odd. Not only did she bring like ONE menu for everybody, she completely neglected to take drink orders or anything like that until the very end…how strange. Onto the food now!

I ordered the Veggie Burger (14.50). The Quinoa patty was very savoury, and had a nice saltiness to it (had a fried crispiness to it too! It’s almost like eating a falaffel). The tomato compote’s sweetness really contrasted the saltiness of the patty and made it that much more enjoyable. The bun could’ve been toasted a little more, as the liquids from the veggies and tomato compote just disintegrated the whole thing.

The Rice & Chicken soup was alright. It was nice and hearty, and plentiful in chicken chunks, but it was pretty bland. Other than a tiny saltiness to it, no other flavours really registered.


-Nice clubhouse

-Liked how they used a quinoa patty instead of a typical soy patty


-What’s up with that waitress man?

-REALLY expensive for what you get

Closing Comments: I dunno, it was different, and was an experience I guess, but I probably wouldn’t want to go back there. I didn’t try their clubhouse, but from what I saw, they BUTTER the crap out of it, and make the whole thing really greasy.

Overall Rating: 3.3 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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