Long’s Noodle House

So after hearing nothing but good things about this place, finally decided to give Long’s Noodle House a shot. Little did I realize, it is situated RIGHT next to Au Petit Cafe, the Vietnamese restaurant I had visited with Easilyfull and Zeeg a year prior. The waitress who served us was very friendly and quick, off to a good start!

To start, we have the Sliced Beef Rolls (5.50). Although the pastry was a bit thick, this whole package went together so amazingly! The cilantro was incredibly strong, and combined with the mild sweetness of the hoisin, it was an interesting balance. It kind of reminded me of Bahn Mi.

Next on the list, we’ve their famed steamed mini pork buns (5.50). The skin was just the right thickness, and was incredibly juicy with each bite! I liked the mild chivy flavour in it…reminds me of the soup dumplings at Sha Lin Noodle House.

Lastly, we’ve Tan Tan Noodles with meat sauce in soup (7.50). The noodles were a little overcooked, a bit mushy for my liking. However, there was a nice level of spice to the broth! Although the noodles were mushy, they did manage to absorb a lot of the spice and peanut flavour, making this meal very satisfying! Maybe it was my imagination, but it was like eating/drinking spicy peanut butter.


-Friendly, efficient service

-What they do, they do right

-Really, REALLY love the Beef Rolls


-REALLY tiny place…gets busy fast

-Parking is almost non-existent

-Kinda pricey

Closing Comments: If you come here, just stick to their claim to fame, that’s probably what they do best!

Overall Rating: 3.9 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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