The Flying Beaver

Apparently it was voted best patio around a few years back, I dunno about that, though it was situated in a pretty scenic locale though. The Flying Beaver’s located fairly close to the Airport, yet sits right on the river. It’s primarily a bar, though if you have kids, they do have seating areas for families with minors as well. There’s this one waitress though, word of advice to you, she’s quite a piece of work (and I don’t mean that in a good way), but onto the food!

In the mood for something cheesy, I ordered the Black and Blue Burger (13.00). The fries were nice and crispy and reminded me a lot of the awesome ones they have at Costco! The patty in the sandwich was quite juicy and had a bit of a sweetness to it (despite them claiming it’d be spicy, on the menu). The blue cheese was VERY strong, me likey! However, my one complaint with this is that since it is quite juicy, the bun disintegrates pretty fast…maybe they need to use a thicker bun.


-Yummy food

-Scenic view (they have outdoor and covered outdoor patio)

-I guess if you need to take a float plane to Victoria, you can grab a bite to eat while waiting for your flight


-What is up with that waitress lol

-Hard to get to if you don’t have a car

-Some of the dishes are on the expensive side of things

Closing Comments: For bar food, they do it pretty well, albeit not as cheap as some other places.

Overall Rating: 3.9 PBJ’s Out of a Possible 5

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