Deer Garden Signatures (Fraser)

I’ve heard some pretty scary stories about this place, especially about the really crap service, so when I heard we were heading here, I was preparing for the worst…but it turned out rather well!

First off, we have one of their 8.50 noodle combos. I got Malay Laksa for the base, Sweet Potato Noodles, Watercress, and Chicken balls. The broth itself had quite a kick to it, i’d rate it at about 2.5-3 Alarm. Although not that bad itself, the fact that the noodles have a tendency to absorb fluids they’re in meant every bite was a slow burn (maybe I’m just lightweight with spicy things lol). Although I wish there was more watercress, there was an ample amount of bean curd in its place, so I can’t complain! The chicken balls were a wee bit bland though, I’m pretty sure they’re of the frozen hot pot variety, but whatever.

Just on a passing sidenote, I’d HIGHLY recommend the peanut sauce and chili makes the whole thing seem like Tan Tan Noodles!


-Very quick to bring food out

-Filling portion, pretty customizable

-Taste was pretty solid


-Little pricey for some of the things they offer

-Not a place to stick around and chat with friends, they’d probably shoo you out asap

Closing Comments: Nothing beats having a warm bowl of noodles on a cold day like today

Overall Rating: 3.45 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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