Out on the Outer Fringes: Shibuyatei

The owner of this little noodle shop is apparently a renowned cook back home in Japan, operating a very successful restaurant near an airport. For whatever reason though, he decided to set up a new location in the middle of nowhere in Richmond. However, I guess his reputation precedes him as the place can get pretty packed at lunch with working people!

Here, we have their Lamen (8.90). The noodles were quite al dente and the broth was pretty rich. My only concern with it is that for the price, the portion you get is QUITE small compared to what you’d get at other joints.

They are also apparently famous for their Gyozas, so we ordered 6 pork ones (4.70). Although they were very juicy and had a nice crispiness to the skin, they were SUPER SUPER oily (I know..it’s fried, but it’s like they drenched it in oil after cooking it for good measure)

Next off, we have the Katsu Sandwich with sushi (8.90). The California Rolls were nicely bound but were quite bland tasting. The katsu itself was very crispy and nicely friend, as well as having a nice tang from the sauce. The Japanese mayo added a nice level of creaminess to the sandwich. 

Last off, we ordered an Alberta Roll (5.50). The roll had a very similar consistency and taste to the kind of beef you’d find in beef teriyaki. For 5.50 it was PRETTY steep, dunno if it was really worth it.


-Some foods done very well

-Not going to find many ramen places out in this area


-Some foods executed very poorly

-It’s a tiny joint, yet service was sparse at times

-Expensive for portion sizes

Closing Comments: Dunno, it was alright, though maybe it’s overhyped a bit

Overall Rating: 3.3 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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