Rockin’ It With Zeeg: Hanok Korean Restaurant

Always a blast to chill with Zeeg…especially when it’s been like YEARS since our last food outing. Given the series of fairly awesome restaurants she’s suggested lately, we ventured forth, once more! This time, we set our eyes on Hanok Korean Restaurant. Not to be confused with the other Korean establishment down the street, this one is located directly in the plaza where Cap’s Bicycles, near Landsdowne, is (that’s a good bicycle store, by the way)

Before all else, the side dishes came first. The potatoes were nice and firm, though could’ve stood to be a bit sweeter. The kimchi was alright…could’ve used a bit more of a kick though. The seaweed was fantastic! It had a nice crunch to it, and the taste reminded me of the jellyfish stuff from Chinese banquets. Although the miso soup wasn’t too salty, it also wasn’t too flavourful at all lol.

I ordered the lunch special with the Spicy Stir Fried Pork with Rice, and chose Japchae as my additional dish. The pork was well fried, and had a nice crispy bit to the edges. I really liked the sauce, as it starts off mildly sweet, then before you know it, you have a full on mouth fire blazing inside! The rice had a nice chew to it as well, and, if you’re lucky (or unlucky), most of the sauce will have been absorbed by it!

Alternatively you could also get it with Chicken instead, as Zeeg opted for (chicken’s probably healthy for you in the end anyways). The difference between the two was that the chicken one seems to have a lot less chilis, and a lot less meat (loads up on veggies though, yay for healthy-ish).

The japchae, although exceptionally oily, had a very nice sweetness to it and had a plentiful amount of fungus.


-Friendly service

-The lunch special is a great deal, considering how expensive some other Korean places get

-Solid eats, for the most part


-If you get acid reflux or something, maybe stay away, very oily

-Kind of tucked away, hard to notice if you weren’t actively searching it out

Closing Comments: I don’t generally eat Korean much, due to the price, but this one really nicely balances food quality and affordability!

Overall Rating: 3.8 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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