JJ’s Trucketeria

After hearing much hype surrounding our city’s food truck festival, I decided to give it a go, along with Lil’ L. However, having experienced the amazing variety, quality, and cheap prices of Portland’s, I kind of set my expectations lower lol. Avoiding Mom’s Grilled Cheese (due to FAR too many previous visits already), JJ’s Trucketeria caught my eye!


I ordered the BBQ Pork with Garlic Fried Rice with an additional egg (9.00). The BBQ pork had a subtle sweetness to it and was very tender! I liked how the rice actually had a garlicky taste to it and was slightly chewy. The spicy vinegar, which they kept hyping, was interesting! It was sour, like most vinegars are, but yike it had such an explosive kick lol.


-Good deal of food

-Pretty tasty!

-Friendly folks


-I still think anything over 7.50 is kind of rip off, especially for truck food

Closing Comments:Me likey, for Vancouver food truck standards, they do give you quite a bit of food!

Overall Rating: 3.7 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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Also got this $3 cup of Hibiscus Limeade from World of Drinks. It was kind of lacking in any sort of hibiscus flavour though lol. More limey than anything else..