Reviews from Abroad: Sound View Cafe (Pike Place Market)

Pike’s Place, much like Granville Island, is absolutely loaded with fresh goods and places to eat at! However, that also often means having to contend with miles and miles of lineups to get a seat at a joint. Thankfully, we spotted a somewhat empty restaurant in the lower levels of the market, Sound View Cafe. True to the name, it had a gorgeous view of Puget Sound, and a wide offering of sandwiches, burgers, and salads!


The Veggie Burger (10.95). The veggies were very fresh and bun was nicely toasted, with it having a light crisp to each bite! However, I found the Soy Pattie to be pretty tasteless and of the supermarket variety (other places usually add more soy to it, than this one had, to make it more savoury). As well, the “caramelized” onions were more like fried than anything else…and combined with the lack of advertised mushrooms, this thing was pretty bland overall. The fries were pretty awesome though, as they were roasted and nicely seasoned


-Great view!

-Fries are roasted, that’s a first there!


-Soy pattie…blech

Closing Comments: Other than the was just sorta okay I guess. Maybe should’ve gone for the Chowder instead.

Overall Rating: 3.2 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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