Reviews from Abroad: Astoria Pizza & Pasta

Again, when Plan A fails, I like to play a game of GPS Roulette, which basically involves picking the first item on the list that’s recommended, and bam, again, it suggested a gem! Good on ya Garmin!¬†Astoria Pizza & Pasta is a little family owned place in the suburbs of Lynnwood, near Seattle. Although not originally my first choice, I’m glad we made our way there as not only were the family owners INCREDIBLY friendly, the food was spectacular as well.

The salad that came with almost all of the meals was MASSIVE. It’s very fresh and generous with the olives and cheese (I think it was mozzarella).¬† There’s so much almost don’t need the dressing, though I think they did go a little overboard with it.

Almost all of the pasta dishes come with garlic bread. These garlic bread sticks were very light, fluffy, and warm as well as possessing a very garlicky taste themselves, that you don’t even need the garlic butter they come with!

Here we have the Greek Spaghetti (12.95). If you love feta, you should definitely get this one as, like the salad, they go crazy and load up the plate with it! It was very pungent and went well with the dish as a whole.

The Chicken Penne (12.95) was a massive helping that could have easily been split between 2-3 people. The sauce had a very distinct basil taste to it as well as a strong tomato flavour. The creaminess of it made it so heavy and rich you’d have to take 30 minute hiatuses in between mouthfuls in order to finish it.

The Lasagna Sausage (10.95) was also incredibly heavy. Despite what you may think, the sausage came in 4 massive chunks, which were super juicy and super spicy (they were also quite lean!). The tomato in the marinara was so strong, without a doubt, you could tell it was made fresh in house.

They had a special going on where you could get a 7” two topping pizza with salad and drink for 9.50. That’s such a fantastic deal man lol it’s like a personal pizza combo on a student budget! Anyways, this one has canadian bacon and pineapple (pretty much a Hawaiian). It was done perfectly as it wasn’t burnt at all and was baked in such a way that it didn’t come off as greasy/overly rich!


-Fantastic service

-Great deals

-Super delicious food!



Closing Comments: Seriously, this is one of the best pasta/pizza places I’ve ever been to

Overall Rating: 4.6 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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