Reviews from Abroad: Finn’s Fish House

Being our last day in Seaside, we decided to try once more and hit up one of the local establishments. Going by my, probably faulty, criteria of if it’s busy it’s probably good, we went to Finn’s Fish House, as it looked very welcoming from the outside, and one of the patrons who was just leaving strongly recommended it to us!

We were having a great deal of trouble deciding whether to get salad or chowder, though, surprisingly, the waitress offered us a small sample to help us decide! Unlike Pig ‘n Pancake, it was very creamy and loaded with clams and clam flavour!

The salad that came with the Prime Rob Stroganoff (16.99) was very pretty looking in itself and was very fresh. Using Belgin Endive, Arugula, and homemade Crutons, you could already tell this place was mighty upscale lols. I liked how the bowl was shaped like a fish too! that was cute.

The beer battered Pacific Cod Burger (8.99) was AMAZING. Not only was the bun nicely toasted, the bacon was super thick cut and juicy, not crispy and over-fried like most places. As well, the cod itself was nicely lightly battered which gave it a very fresh taste! The fries reminded me a lot of McDonald’s minus the overbearing level of salt.

For 11.99 you can get 5 pieces of Cod and fries. What a steal huh? Can’t even get that much at White Spot…(it’d prob be like 10 bucks for one piece).


-Good, friendly service, minus one moody waitress

-Very tasty, great valued food


-SOME things are very expensive

Closing Comments: That was some really amazing fish! I wish we had one of these in the Lower Mainland!

Overall Rating: 4.2 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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