Reviews from Abroad: Pig N’ Pancake (Seaside)

Overall, I don’t think there were that many restaurants in Seaside…especially ones that are open super early. Unless you’re a daredevil and willing to brave Salvatore’s (which I didn’t care for in a previous trip lol) then you’re better off looking elsewhere. Luckily, a neon lit sign of a pig caught my attention, and I was drawn into the rather hopping Pig N’ Pancake!

This place reminds me a lot of the old Pantry Restaurant that used to be on Marine Drive.

The Beef Sandwich Combo came with some clam chowder (8.50). The chowder itself was seriously lacking in clam, despite it being a clam chowder lol. Even the taste of it, was more of potatoes than anything else.

Although the mash in the combo is nice and smooth, the sandwich itself is pretty standard…the gravy could easily be out of the can stuff, but whatever I guess.

The Western Omelet with buttermilk pancakes (9.75) wasn’t too greasy, surprisingly . It was VERY VERY packed with filling, which was surprising too.

For 1.00 more, you can get buckwheat pancakes, which are nuttier tasting and can easily be a meal in themselves.

This is the Ham and Eggs (9.75) dish. The sourdough pancakes, 1.00 extra, do have a tangy flavouring! yay! The eggs were nice and runny and the ham too was thick cut and juicy.

I’m not sure if it’s a regional specialty but they had Marionberry syrup as well as Maple Syrup. I found it to be much like a mix of strawberry and blueberry together.


-Good service

-Solid breakfast


-It’s pretty standard, nothing amazing or really stands out

Closing Comments: Think Denny’s meets Knight and Day

Overall Rating: 3.3 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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