Reviews from Abroad: Voodoo Donuts (Chinatown)

This place has been RANTED and RAVED about countless times from others that have visited the area, as well as from several TV shows…so how can we afford to miss it lol? Although in a somewhat…colourful part of town, nevertheless, there was a steady stream of customers out the door!


So, to start..we have the most interesting one, the Vegan Cock-N-Balls Donut (3.25). Yea LOL, I’m not even joking that’s what it’s called…and you can see why. The donut itself isn’t too greasy, the cream filling is…in the lower part obviously. Other than the shape, name, and suggestive placement of ingredients, nothing special about it.


Next, we have the voodoo doll (1.25) The eyeballs are pretty much cereal pieces, the “knife” is a piece of pretzel and the insides consist of red jelly. Overall, like the other donuts, it looks cool, but taste wise, it’s pretty much like a Chocolate Longjohn with cherry filling.


The donut at the top, with the 2 dots, is a boston cream donut. Seriously, you might as well go to Tim Hortons for one of these..there’s nothing special about it.

The one on the bottom, you might recognize, as a Maple bacon Bar (3.00). It’s pretty much what inspired a lot of the ones we have up here. Although the bacon is very crunchy and has strong flavour. Putting on my pretentious hat for a sec, “the sweetness of the maple contrasts well with the savoury flavour of the bacon” xD.


-Hillarious drawings and names of their special donuts

-Yum, maple bacon



-Quality isn’t great, it’s mainly for the appearance.

Closing Comments: Although you’d eat it mainly for the appearance, I guess you can say you’ve been there if you go

Overall Rating: 3.4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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