Reviews from Abroad: Elmer’s Pancake and Steak House

Being rather late now, we opted for pretty much anything that was still open. Since this seemed to be open, all of our very strict criterion were met =P
The servers were INCREDIBLY friendly..though that might be because it was a slow night and were happy to have anybody there lol.


To start, they gave us some free cheese biscuits. Although the cheese taste was strong, they weren’t very flaky and tasted like the out of the bag variety.


The Yellow Bowl Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette was very crisp and fresh. Surprisingly, since this place seemed dead, I somehow equated it with being Uncle Willy’s level quality, but it was surprisingly not!


I ordered the Soup N’ Sandwich combo with Ivar’s famous clam chowder (7.29). The bread was nicely toasted and the veggies were also fresh. Again, surprisingly, the turkey was fresh instead of the crap deli stuff Denny’s gives you. The chowder was nice and rich and creamy with ltos of ingredients.


The Cascade Ciabatta Club, on the other hand, wasn’t so great. The bread tasted as if it hadn’t been baked long enough or something..which was a bit odd. As well, for a club sandwich, it was lacking the distinguishing third piece of bread lol.


-SUPER good service

-Solid eats, other than the Cascade Club


-They need to read up on what a club is lol.

Closing Comments: It’s a pretty friendly cozy family restaurant, for morning or night

Overall Rating: 3.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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