Reviews from Abroad: Cajun & Grill (Lloyd Center Mall)

Hearing that it was one of the largest malls in the region, we headed for it, with somewhat high expectations. Man the place is HUGE, though, much like Metrotown, unless you’re particularly interested in finding something, it’s just a whole lot of filler. It’s kind of neat how they have an indoor skating rink though. Anyways, onto what you’re all here for..the om nom’s!


I ordered the Bourbon Chicken for 5.99. Although the sauce wasn’t too heavy handed, the chicken tasted pretty damn old and the veggies really sucked. I mean although the folks were nice, the food experience was pretty crap…I guess that serves me right for going to the place with no line up…

On a side note, there was also a McDonalds Express there where we ordered a Filet O’ Fish…they had quite an interesting way of labelling it was ours.



-Nice patrons



-REALLY crappy food

-The food court was pretty dirty, in my opinion

Closing Comments: I don’t think I’d eat here again in the future. If there was ever a return trip, I’d opt for Sarku Japan instead, as their stuff looked a hell of a lot fresher and more appetizing.

Overall Rating: 1.9 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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