Reviews from Abroad: Denny’s (Bellingham)

Since I’ve begun a roadtrip abroad, I’ve decided to begin a segment of reviews entitled : Reviews from Abroad! Although not differing much from my regular food reviews, these will consist solely of places outside of the Lower Mainland! Anyways, off to the first leg of our journey, Denny’s at Bellingham. Although super early and the morning, the greeter, and our sever, were quite chipper and very helpful…that’s a good sign.

I ordered the fit fare omelet (7.99). The eggs were scrambled quite nicely with the spinach distributed evenly throughout. However, I found the potatoes in it to be quite watery…which is pretty odd since they looked like they were roasted lol.


-Good service

-Open Early

-Food’s alright



-It’s Denny’s…nothin’ extraordinary here

-I don’t think you’d drive here just to eat, so it’s kind of off the beaten path in a sense

Closing Comments: If you’re heading for the outlets, or even farther south, Denny’s an alright place to fill you up, though if you drive further down, there’s also Old Country Buffet.

Overall Rating: 3.0 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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