Tom and Jerry’s

No, not the TV show. When I was a kid, I thought this place was some sort of themed restaurant dedicated to the cartoon cat and mouse. Fast forward to modern day, not wanting to get gouged by the PNE’s exorbitant prices, we headed here for an early dinner, and to make use of their everything for $10 deal.

Here we have the Turkey Dinner (10.00). The vegetables, for some reason, were poached in butter…I don’t know why, which kind of made a mess of things as it made everything it touched UBER greasy. At least they didn’t taste too old or anything though…The fries were piping hot, but could’ve been a bit crisiper. The turkey itself was very tender and flavourful, even without the gravy, to my surprise!  I didn’t realize it, but there was, carefully concealed, a good portion of stuffing underneath. It had a nice flakiness to the exterior and soft interior

Next off we have the BBQ Salmon. The salmon was kind of gross…as without the Cajun sauce, which tasted like spicy ketchup, this would’ve been inedible. Ironically, a good dosing of real ketchup was what was needed at the end lol.


-Friendly service


-What I call “Traditional” food is done well


-Don’t be adventerous

-Area can be sketchy later on at night

Closing Comments: It’s not fancy and it doesn’t try to be. It’s pretty much like home cooked food, and it’s filling, that’s that.

Overall Rating: 3.3 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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