Ebisu (Richmond)

I think this about wraps up Ebisu lol (I’ve been to all of them now!). Having had a rather nasty post-experience with the Chicken Karage (too much of a good thing isn’t good…), I decided to try their sushi this time around, and aim for something lighter…

First off, we have the Tuna Roll (2.95). It was very nicely rolled (tight) and the tuna, as well as the rice, both tasted very fresh! Didn’t have much of any expectations for it, but it turned out quite well!

Next off, we have the Yam Tempura Roll (4.50). Although it was nice and firm like the Tuna Roll, the yam tasted a bit old, as if the tempura had been sitting for quite some time.

Lastly, we’ve the Chicken Teri Roll (3.95). They were firm like the others, and the chicken was tender, but yikes, a little heavy handed on the sauce.

Being my friend’s birthday, we informed them and they actually gave us an ice cream cake! That was a very pleasant surprise, and it was a Pikachu cake! Lols. Kudos Ebisu, I’m impressed at your good customer service


-Attentive service

-Sushi isn’t overly priced or anything

-Other food, that I saw, looked fairly solid


-CAN get really expensive, especially when you factor drinks in

-Food can be hit/miss at times

Closing Comments: Very impressed with their customer service, again lol. What other place will give you an ice cream cake?

Overall Rating: 3.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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