Sha Lin Noodle House

I recall coming to this place YEARS ago when it was at its previous location, though, unfortunately, their original location burned down. Thankfully they’ve reopened with a much more comfortable interior! However, I noticed that the owner had changed the name to Shao Lin instead of Sha Lin on the front; I guess people kept calling it Shao Lin so he decided to change it out of sake of ease lol. 


I ordered the Pork and Vegetables Soup with Dragging Noodles (6.95). The broth was very rich and meaty, with almost no MSG flavouring! The pork itself was very succulent and flavourful, in contrast to some places where it tastes like they threw in the meat at the last minute. 


Here we have Beef and Bean Sprouts with Dragging Noodles in soup (7.95). The beef, much like the pork, was very succulent and flavourful, probably having been simmered for awhile in the broth. The broth itself was also hearty and meaty, and reminded, slightly, of the broth you’d find in Ramen.


Being that this was a Mandarin restaurant, and how much I love this thing, we decided to order the Fried Bun with condensed milk. It was VERY flaky on the outer layer and airy in the inside. Almost didn’t use any of the condensed milk, as the broth sure went damn well with it!


-Surprisingly cheap for the area

-Very hearty and filling

-Solid Eats

-Attentive Service


-No parking/Expensive Parking

Closing Comments: There aren’t many old fashioned Chinese noodle places around anymore, so I’m glad this one’s keeping the good times rolling (or dragging…haha [queue ba dum tss]

Overall Rating: 4.2 PBJ’s out of a possible 5


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