Hansik Korean Restaurant

I remember eating at this location’s former tenant, Columbus Pizza, AGES ago and was surprised to learn it had been replaced by a family owned Korean joint. Wanting to see what all the commotion was about, I decided to give this place a go.

Before anything else, they give you your 3 sides (potatoes, kimchi, and Daikon [ I think]). The potatoes were mildly sweet, Daikon (again, i THINK that’s what they were) were adequately pickled, and the kimchi was..kinda hot actually though had a very nice pasty, miso like taste to it.

First off, we have Japchae (13.95) [or potato noodles]. The noodles themselves had a nice mild sweetness to it and the veggies and fungus were nicely fried, as they weren’t to the point of mush, yet weren’t greasy either. That being said, the noodles themselves were a tad on the oily side.¬†

Next, we have Beef Deopbap (6.99). For one person, this is a very sizable portion and quite filling. The beef was marinated and done in a way VERY similar to what you’d find in a teriyaki place at a food court; it was very tasty and a lot less oily compared to the other things we got!

Lastly, we couldn’t have gone to a Korean place without trying their Pajeon (12.95) [Korean panckage]. There were copious amounts of green onion and squid throughout, which was a plus for me as I love both, and was nicely fried. I found that the batter itself had a very potatoey taste to it, maybe they were using the same oil or something…i don’t know, but it made it even better lol. Obviously though, due to it being fried it was SUPER oily.


-Fairly tasty eats

-Not TOO overly priced or anything

-Super friendly owners 


-SUPER oily..avoid if you get acid reflux or heartburn easily

Closing Comments: I think, aside from the food, the thing that stood out the most for me was how the waitress was super patient and friendly, and even pointed out how many dishes we should order, as well as what was good!

Overall Rating: 4.0 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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