Rockin’ It with Zeeg: I Cafe

When I first heard about it, I thought it was some sort of new App for finding cafes, but turns out, it’s actually a restaurant. Conveniently located near Broadway-City Hall Station, it apparently boasts some pretty good lunch specials (around 10 bucks for each), so we figured, what the hell! We’re both poor and starving, let’s go!

Having read each others’ minds, we both ordered the Lunch Special that consisted of Deep Fried Fish and Pork Chop (11.50). To start off, it came with soup (tastes like cream of corn) and some rolls. The soup itself could’ve stood to have been seasoned a bit better, as other than MSG, it didn’t really have taste. The rolls were very soft, fluffy and warm though, and had a nice mild sweet taste to them!

The only difference between Zeeg’s and mine is that she ordered the rice instead of the spaghetti.The pork chop was nice in that it was actually fairly lean! The fish was nicely breaded, as it wasn’t too thick and had a light crunch to it. Whatever sauce they used, it was awesome! It sort of tasted like a thick version of Chinese tomato sauce and Sweet N’ Sour Sauce, though a lot less pronounced with the sourness. 

I know not everybody cares, but they mixed the Horlicks JUST right here. You’d be surprised how many places make it too watery…so this brought tears of joy to my eyes when it was the right consistency. As usual, for Zeeg though, she got Milk Tea (hardcore fan of it lol).


-Good service (they didn’t try to rush us when we sat for awhile and took our dishes away promptly)

-Fairly solid dishes

-Nice view (Of Broadway, I guess?)


-On the expensive side for HK Cafe’s

-It’s on the second floor, if you didn’t know better, you might just miss it

-Gets REALLY busy, especially during noon hours

Closing Comments: I didn’t really have any high expectations for this place, but the food and drink were pretty good here, as was the service!

Overall Rating: 3.7 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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