All Glory to the Pizza King

I’ve wanted to review this place FOREVER, though as soon as I see the pizza, I wolf it down before realizing I should have taken a picture first lol. But on THIS DAY, the opportunity has finally presented itself! Introducing, the king of all pizza joints (in my opinion), Pizza King lol.

First off, we have a custom medium Canadian Ham, Pineapple, and Parmesean Pizza (8.10). I find it was really interesting that Mozzarella isn’t offered in ANY of the pizzas by default, and that you actually have to pay extra for it, though Parmesean was okay in the end. The ham was very flavourful and the pineapple was juicy.

Next off, we have a Large House Special (12.86). The ingredients all tasted very fresh, and surprisingly, it wasn’t greasy AT ALL. Despite that, for some bizarre reason, nobody touched this one lol.

If you get a 2nd and 3rd pizza with the specialties, each subsequent one, after the first 12.86 one is 10.48, so I ordered a Pesto Chicken one. It was REALLY tasty, as they were pretty generous with the pesto on it, and combine that with the chicken, you’ve got a mean pizza.

Last off, we have the vegetarian deluxe (10.48). They seriously just load up on the toppings like crazy. Despite not having any meat at all, the combination of all of the ingredients makes it seem very savoury and quite filling!


-Go heavy on the toppings



-It’s only open at night

-I wouldn’t say it’s in the nicest part of town

Closing Comments: Compared to Fresh Slice, Megabite, or something along those lines, I’d choose Pizza King anyday.

Overall Rating: 3.85 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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