New India Buffet

Being the cheapskate I am, I decided to make use of the 20% off New India coupons I had for today’s meal excursion. Tucked away in this little mall complex, you would never have guessed it’s there lol. When we stepped in, the server gestured for us to sit wherever, though afterwards, they pretty much just ignored and neglected us lol….but anyways, I digress, onto the food.


At 12 O’Clock, we have cauliflower and potatoes (it was sufficiently soft, though not CRAZY spicy like some other places). At 1 O’Clock, we have peas and cheese (Mattar Paneer) [the cheese tasted like it had been sitting there for a LONG time…]. Smack dab in the centre, we have Soya curry (this was a new one for me. With every bite of the soy cubes, oodles of spicy curry oozed out, very spicy). At 3 O’Clock, partially buried by the butter chicken, the spinach and cheese curry was very rich and mushy (pretty much like all other places, nothing really stood out about it). The butter chicken was pretty bland, and wasn’t creamy enough, which made it a little on the bland side. At 6 O’Clock, we have Eggplant curry (it was more like one piece of eggplant per 20 pieces of potato lol…it was kind of bland too). At 7 O’Clock, we have a vegetable pakora (it was extremely chewy, and I think the batter was a little on the thick side). At 9 O’Clock, the vegetarian spring roll was very disappointing…as it was pretty much like something you’d get out of the box from President’s Choice. The naan was okay though, as it had some flavouring from being in the tandor oven.


For dessert, I tried some saffron rice and Gulab Jamun (on the first go). The rice was sweet, though I think it could’ve been a little stronger tasting. The Gulab Jamun was a little nasty. It didn’t taste very fresh, and was cold, as if it came straight out of the can.


On the second run, I got some jello and Kheer (rice pudding). No, I’m not going to go into the jello, so we’ll go right to the Kheer. It was VERY creamy, and had a strong dairy aftertaste, though it was pretty bland otherwise. 

They also had pots of Chai brewing, but it seemed like whenever it ran low, they just added water to the pot, so it became very diluted and tasted like nothing.

They also had some iced tea (I think), and this lemony coloured drink. It tasted like generic sugar drink mix…nothing special about it.


-Nice view

-LOT of selection


-Food’s just meh

-Service is kind of rude

-Pricey for the quality

Closing Comments: I dunno…didn’t really enjoy my experience here AT ALL. I guess if you’re working in the area, then this might be more convenient for you.

Overall Rating: 3.1 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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