Hidden Gem: Tibisti Foods and Grill

I’ve driven past it DOZENS of time thinking it was some sort of sketchy deli/grocery store. Like seriously, until curiousity drove me to look it up online, would never have realized it’s a restaurant lol. Tibisti’s a family run joint where if you go there a few times, all of the family becomes familiar with you and chats you up! (They’re very friendly folks!). But anyways, onto their delicacy!

First off, we have the Roast Lamb Meal (12.99). The rice was very fragrant and had a nice seasoning. The salad, although extremely fresh, could have stood to use a bit more olive oil. Potatoes were characterized by a strong lemony flavour and were fairly soft. The lamb though..very fall off the bone tender! However, it did need a bit more spicing. Lastly, the Tzatziki had a good level of sourness to it, though, like the lamb, could be flavoured a bit more.

Next off, we have Chicken Souvlaki (11.99). The chicken itself had a chargrilled flavouring to it, though still exhibiting a great level of juicyness, and a slight lemon tang.


-VERY friendly folks

-Food’s alright

-Interesting beverages

It’s a buck a bottle, it’s pretty much like apple/lemon cider without the strong alcoholic aftertaste.


-Dingy interior

-Some stuff needs more seasoning

Closing Comments: It’s a small little family owned joint RIGHT by David Thompson…I don’t get why people would rather go to 7-Eleven and get hot dogs there instead lol.

Overall Rating: 3.65 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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