It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood (Neighbour’s Restaurant and Pizza House)

It’s a beautiful day for a neighbour, just like you (I’m talking about the restaurant…don’t get your hopes up, just kidding lol). I’ve been a regular here for years now, though, for some reason, a review has just escaped me! I wasn’t aware of this for the longest time, though they HEAVILY emphasize it, they were featured on the Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here! So…I guess I have to eat there, yay!


Not wanting the usual steak special, I ordered the Mediterranean Chicken Dish (15.95)

The Greek salad was very fresh, and had a good amount of oil. The rice was seasoned fairly well, and was al dente (not mush), though the chicken part of it, I had some issues. Although there was sauce, it pretty much all pooled at the bottom, leaving all of the chicken not touching the bottom dry like a desert breeze. The pita was a little too oiled, but at least it tasted fresh (not like those chewy pieces of cardboard some places give you)


-Nice service

-Food’s alright, nothing super spectacular

-Pretty neighbourly atmosphere


-Price has slowly been creeping up over the years

-Pretty small place, can get busy really fast

Closing Comments: If you’re out with friends, this is a pretty good joint to hit up and have a nice meal together at

Overall Rating: 3.6 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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