Rotten Ronnies (McDonald’s) [Kerrisdale]

As nasty as it sounds, I REALLY wanted to try the Double Filet-O’- Fish. The normal one’s already kinda…bleh, but gotta try everything at least once…even if it’s (dun dun dun) McDonald’s…lol. On a side note, in recent days, I don’t think McDonald’s is that cheap as it once was 8 bucks for a sandwich combo (10 for some)…might as well get a bowl of Pho.

Here we have it, in all its splendor (for 7.59), the Double Filet O’ Fish Meal. The fries were crispy but were pretty bland (I think I like it better this way than having a salty snowstorm coat the fries). The bun was nice and warm, which was pleasant I guess. The patties itself were kind of…a mystery lol. I have no idea what type of fish they use, as they tasted more like filler than anything. The cheese…blech don’t get me started on it.


-Neighbourhood it’s in is kind of nice lol

-Cashiers served with a smile! (yay…)


-Just no.

Closing Comments: I know I should set the bar lower because it’s McDonald’s, but come on…since it’s a chain, there should be some similarity in product..

Overall Rating: 2.0 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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