Skookum Eats with Mama Le and Rowdy Jagger at Purple Olive Grill

Having not seen each other in like a million years, the Skookum crew was planning on having a reunion, though, unfortunately, Lil’ L was unable to join us due to Midterms (maybe next time). Originally, we were planning on catching This is the End at Scotiabank Theatre, though, to our dismay, EVERY movie showing was somehow filled, so we grabbed a bite instead. Mama Le brought up that Purple Olive Grill was on her bucket list, so there we went!


Since it was just the 3 of us, we went for the 3 for $33 deal, which includes any 3 burgers and a pitcher of beer. I ordered the Chicken Cali burger which included, of course, an avocado lols. The salad was very fresh and crunchy and the potato…mmm so good. It wasn’t too salty or anything and had just the right firmness to it! The chicken was super juicy and flavourful, the avocado was nice and creamy, and the bun was nice and fluffy, though, the bacon really sucked; was REALLY overly chewy.


Being the healthiest of the 3 there, Mama Le ordered the Salmon Burger. It was well grilled and, I’m probably not the only one to admit it made my mouth water looking at it lols. These combos are actually quite filling and cheap, especially for the regular price, which I believe to be between 5.95-8.95. 


Rowdy got the Cajun Chicken Burger. Judging by how he downed every bite with a gulp of beer, musta been one hell of a burger LOL. (Or maybe he just really loved the beer xD).


We got ourselves some Sleeman’s. It was my first time drinking this brand of beer and I have to say, it quite liked it! It went down really smooth :)
Don’t worry, you do get a whole pitcher…I just forgot to take a picture of it when it was full before Rowdy served it around (whoops).


-Really friendly service

-Cheap eats

-Solid burgers

-According to Mama Le, they play some pretty good songs (she also says I shouldn’t get ice cream anymore either…)


-Bacon man…really needs some work

Closing Comments: I had a really good experience here, minus the bacon. The service, food, and washrooms (very important) were all top notch. 

Overall Rating: 4.0 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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