Quick and Dirty: Ebi-Ten

Sometimes, when the lineup for the Ramen place down the street is way too long, and you’re feeling too lazy to pack a sandwich, fast food is the way to go. Since Kamiya, at the bottom of Library Square, was still under renovations, I headed for Ebi Ten. Although it is fast food, I still really like how they’re authentic!


First off, we have the Chicken Teriyaki bowl (7.45). I liked how the rice wasn’t too mushy and had a nice firmness to it, as well as how the chicken itself wasn’t too drenched in sauce, and mushy as well. I’ve got a soft spot for Japanese mayo, as whenever they put it on a dish…I’m instantly drawn to it lol. 


Secondly, we have Katsu Don (7.25). The chicken was very lean and the skin, awesomely, still had a bit of crunch to it! Although the egg made the dish very rich at the top, I found it to be INCREDIBLY soupy at the bottom, which was kinda nasty.



-Pretty decent eats (for the most part)

-Central location, easy to access


-Parking is scarce

-Not much seating

-Not the cheapest place around

Closing Comments: It’s fast, it’s filling, and it’s pretty solid

Overall Rating: 3.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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