Ride to River District: Romer’s Burger Bar

If you haven’t been, I’d suggest you check out this new burgeoning community at the foot of Kerr St, literally right at the Waterfront. Not only is there a community centre, many townhomes, and a farmer’s market, there’s a scenic trail running alongside the Fraser. But anyways, this new community is also the site of a Romer’s Burger Bar, and, in the spirit of trying new things, off we go!

Not really in a mood for a burger, I tried the Grilled Quinoa Cake (11.00).   The salad was nice and fresh (the lettuce and the beets), which I hoped they would be, for this price lol. The eggs…where to start? One of them was done perfectly with a soft exterior and runny inside, though the other’s yolk was completely solid, tsk tsk. The potatoes were very crispy and quite well seasoned (despite looking bland at first glance). The quinoa cake itself had an almost savoury taste to it, and boy it had a kick too! A couple of times, had to down some water to keep the spice away…though you and I both know, quinoa just expands with water (that’s why this dish is so filling!). The tomato compote had a nice sweetness to it, though I don’t think it contrasted well with the cake though, as it just kind of seeped into everything.

Bringing back memories of the breakfasts at Kihei Cafe in Maui, here we have the Chorizo Scramble (10.5).The potatoes were great, just like in the Quinoa Cake, though the scramble itself left something to be desired. Overall, despite having chorizo, it lacked any sort of taste; it’s as bland as a dish can get…even more so than the Nature Flavoured Quaker’s Oatmeal. The tomatoes weren’t that ripe, though that’s probably because they picked them out of season.

It’s got a pretty gorgeous view though, as it’s right along the water.


-Nice scenery

-Great service

-Food’s not SUPER expensive or anything


-Quality of food needs work

Closing Comments: I think if you’re coming here to eat, it’s more for the sights than anything.

Overall Rating: 3.0 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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