Hoy’s Wonton House

Hoy’s is one of those places you always drive past but seldom consider stopping at to eat. I won’t lie to you, the exterior gives the impression you will get attacked inside, but don’t worry, I can assure you it’s perfectly safe (minus the potential gangster pool hall next store of course)


According to the menu, there was a “5.75 Lunch Special”, which consisted of soup and any of the lunch entrees (under the list). To start, the soup it came with was Hot N’ Sour Soup. It was hot, both temperature wise and spice wise, though it was a tad on the bland side. It also had a distinct texture of soup that’s thickened with flour, though it did have a lot of ingredients in it I guess….


Part of the aforementioned lunch special was a plate of Curry Chicken on Rice. The chicken was nicely seasoned, though the rest of it was just sorta creamy without any character to it.


The sliced beef with swirl egg on rice dish is exactly what it sounded like. The beef wasn’t too chewy, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The peas were your typical frozen variety, but hey, what Chinese place does any different?



-Friendly Service

-Food’s alright


-There is ALWAYS room for improvement with the food, however

-Parking lot is kind of weird to navigate

Closing Comments: It’s a cheap, filling throwback to the old days of quick Cantonese cuisine. Your taste buds aren’t going on a gustatory adventure, but you will be full. On a side note, this is our 101st review, yay!)

Overall Rating: 3.4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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