De Dutch (Kingsway)

De Dutch is one of those places you go to if you’re craving a healthy helping of stomach pains. I’m not sure why, though for the past few visits, I’ve always felt a tad ill after eating their stuff. Maybe I’m just oversensitive…I don’t know, but anyways, onto the food.

Here, we have the mushroom scramble (15.00). I know mushrooms are watery, as were the tomatoes, but YIKES it just got into everything and made it soupy lol. That being said, I wish the eggs were a tad fluffier, but oh well. The tomatoes were so NOT ripe, and were actually pretty sour. The hash browns were nicely crispy, but a little on the bland side (coulda used more seasoning). The toast was alright, though it could have, ironically, used more toasting xD. Lastly, the salad was actually very fresh and crisp, and the dressing was very creamy (almost like ranch, but more like mayo). 


-Kind of cozy interior

-Friendly service

-Breakfast kind of provides a “fresh” alternative to Denny’s all grease diet


-Something about their food makes me unwell afterwards

-Overpriced, to some degree

-Parking is pretty crap here

Closing Comments: It’s not bad, by any means, though I think it could use some work

Overall Rating: 3.25 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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