Cursed Abodes: Pho Thai Hoa (Victoria Drive)

Whatever restaurant operates at this location, no matter what cuisine, seems to always suffer from awful service and subpar food…I’m not sure what it is, but the turnover rate for businesses here is as quick as how fast the sushi runs out at Uncle Willy’s. Unlike the former Hong Kong style cafes that preceded it, I thought that since it was a Pho place, perhaps there’d be some difference/change but well…you’ll see soon enough.


For me, a good way to tell the overall quality of a Vietnamese place is either through their Banh Mi or their dry vermicelli bowls. This one came with “meatballs” and spring rolls. The vermicelli itself didn’t taste quite cooked enough, as it was a little tough. The meatball was REALLY dense in comparison to the thinner more tender slivers you’d get at other places. The spring rolls were also very chewy, like they were sitting in the deep fry oil too long. For 8.50, I thought it was a little overpriced for what you got…I mean even the veggies didn’t taste fresh.


Their “Thai Hoa Special Sub” (4.50) had high hopes held for it…but it disappointed as well. The bread didn’t taste very fresh at all and was VERY dense and chewy. The pickled components weren’t..well pickled enough and just tasted bland. The ham and pate had no flavour at all, though, the saving grace for this sandwich was that the bacon had an interesting smokey flavour to it.


-Brings some diversity to Victoria Drive (besides Chinese food)



-Service was awful, they were in a total scramble despite being many waiters and waitresses

-Service often forgot/lost ordersĀ 

-Cost is steep for the quality

Closing Comments: I’m probably not coming back here as the food was crappy, as was the service and experience. On a side note, I don’t think ANY of the past or present businesses have remodelled the place, as they ALL use the same tables, chairs, utensils, etc LOL

Overall Rating: 1.2 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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