Skookum Eats with Lil’ L: Moii Cafe (Cambie)

I was not aware this was even a Crepe place from the outside, as it looked like a typical bubble tea joint (that’s not to say they don’t serve that). Turns out, once you step inside, it’s very homey and comfortable…a very welcoming cozy vibe with a distinct aroma of sweets in the air! Plus, the typewriters all over the place, nice touch, love the retro chic they’ve got going on; figures…only Lil’ L would have the knack to keep finding places like this (cough hipster cough). Anyways, onto the straight goods

Lil’ L had the mango with condensed milk crepe.(6.00) The crepe was very nice and flaky, though the mango left something to be desired. I mean you could see the chunks of mango throughout, but for some reason, they tasted like nothing (Impossibru!). The condensed milk was, what else, sweet, but that was pretty much all you can taste from this.

I ordered the strawberry and dark chocolate crepe (6.50). Again, very good crepe, it was light and flaky, unlike the ones at Aberdeen, where it’s like you’re chewing rubber. The strawberries were very ripe and sweet while the dark chocolate on the inside was well melted and warm. Not sure what the point of the pocky was on top, though Lil’ L and I can both agree, this crepe was pretty damn good!

On a passing note, at the risk of sounding  like a foodie, the lighting here was FANTASTIC for pictures


-Really cozy, welcoming atmosphere

-Pretty good chocolate strawberry crepe

-Washroom, nuff’ said



-I really don’t see where you can park near here

-Service was friendly, but kept forgetting things

Closing Comments: It’s like a home away from home

Overall Rating: 4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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