(Special) Wedding Reception at Hart House

Situated near scenic Deer Lake in Burnaby, I knew, when I heard that a relative of mine was having their reception at Hart House, I was going to be in for a treat ^^. Not only was the house itself beautiful, although none of the wedding was held there, the area that was setup outside was equally as lovely! 


This is the normal restaurant, if you ever decide to visit here on non-banquet related “business” lol.


Anyways, back to the wedding/food review, there was an…wait for it…ALL YOU CAN EAT CANDY BAR. HASHTAG CHILDHOODDREAMSCOMETRUE. 


They were giving out lots of appetizers to tie you over until dinner. The first one was the Sweet Chili Chicken. It was very tangy but had a mild kick to it. I liked that the chicken still had a crunch to it, albeit being a tad on the lukewarm side.


The second appie that came out were the risotto balls. I actually liked them as they were nicely crispy on the outside, due to being deep fried, but very creamy on the inside, due to the risotto. It had a hint of lemon too to counteract the richness, which was nice.


The other appie that came out were the braised pork bellies. They were very fatty and rather on the bland side, so didn’t care for them much.


With the dinner rolls (I think you know what the out of the bag variety looks like), came, interestingly enough, humus and goat cheese! Usually you just get butter, but well, this night was one positive surprise after another!


Before the main buffet course came a “cold plate” per se. It consisted of clams, candied salmon and smoked salmon. The clams were pretty standard thoroughfare, though it’d probably be unfair of me to make an in depth comment on them…(there are some foods people really hate out there, like spam, etc…mine is clams). The smoked salmon had a definite, of course, smokey flavour to it and tasted relatively fresh. The candied salmon had a mild sweetness to it, which was actually quite tasty!


Onto the main course…here we go!

At 5 O’Clock, we have caesar salad; the veggies were fresh and crisp but I really didn’t like the dressing…it was super creamy but overly sour…though it came with some interesting croutons.

At 7 O’Clock, we have “broccolini”; it tasted more like the Chinese Vegetable Gai Lan more than anything (was kind of bland).

At 8 O’Clock, the brown little mass you see there, was the Tomato/Cucumber Quinoa Salad; I was very surprised they had something like quinoa there, it was very filling, and the combination of the bumpy texture with the subtle sweetness was enjoyable.

At 9 O’Clock, we have the roast; it was very tender, almost to the point of being rare, though it could have stood to have more flavour.

At 11 O’Clock, the white looking mash is the Sablefish; it was VERY well done, so much to the point that it just melted in your mouth with every bite!

At Noon, we have the “Rainbow Potatoes” consisting of normal golden ones and some purple ones; they were boiled and…yea lol.

At 1 O’Clock we have the Truffle Mac N’ Cheese; It had some obviously ooey gooey cheesiness to it…but surprise truffles?! This dish just got serious… haha

Lastly, in the centre, there’s some Braised Chicken; it was very juicy, though it was kind of bland, much like the roast.


Can’t finish a banquet without dessert (and no, not talking about the AYCE candy bar). The cookie tasted like it came out of the box..but meh I love cookies, so whatevs. The brownie in the centre was very rich and…yum chocolate-gasm…Both the wedding cake at 1 O’Clock and the chocolate mousse at 11:30 were both fluffy and had a very nice richness to them. The blondie brownie, like the chocolate one was equally yummy, minus the chocolate of course.


-Desserts were pretty good

-Service was pretty good

-Even if we were eating in the house, the location if spectacular aesthetically

-Some of the entrees were executed nicely (like the fish and the quinoa salad)


-Meats need some work

-I’ve heard this place is VERY pricey, and if the food here is representative of that…might be overpriced

-Sort of a funny side note, but I noticed the window in the washroom led to a tent next to the building, with workers washing dishes there LOOL.

Closing Comments; I can’t say for certain what their normal thoroughfare is like, but the location is pretty damn awesome, though that might be why people come here in the first place.

Overall Rating: N/A (It’s a wedding, it’s hard to really judge this in normal food review terms); I guess if you really wanted a ballpark estimate…3.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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