Costco (Stadium)

If you’ve ever been to a Canucks game, or some other venue at GM Place (yes, it’ll always be that to me), you’ve probably also been exposed to the exorbitant prices charged for food and drink inside…yikes like you didn’t already spend enough on the tickets. Anyways, thank goodness for Costco, with their cheap hot dog and pop combos, pizza, chicken strips, and sandwiches !


For 5.99, I got myself the chicken strips and fries combo (it’d probably be more like 12-13 bucks at the arena across the street). First off, they have to have possibly the BEST fries I’ve ever had. I don’t care if they’re McCain Fries, they’re sure damn crispy on the outside while still being light on the inside…You could tell everybody else had the same idea, as some just ordered mounds upon mounds of it.The chicken itself was pretty good, as it was well seasoned and tasted like ACTUAL chicken unlike some places (cough, McDonalds, cough), and had a bit of a crunch to them, though were a bit cold. I think they probably mass produced a batch of them for lunch, and were sitting for awhile as the rush died down. 



-Pretty good quality stuff

-Have you seen their pizza? For 3 bucks, you can a slice the size of 3 regular slices!



-Almost no seating…probably due to lunch hour

-Yikes..what happened to the pop machine? Tasted like all syrup

-Tables could use some cleaning

Closing comments: For what it is, it’s still one of the best valued joints for food that won’t break your wallet, and that reasonably satisfies your tummy!

Overall Rating: 3.4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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