Water, water, everywhere..? Muffin Delight

Muffin Delight’s apparently been around for nearly 25 years, and, on occasion, I’ve stopped by for some baked goodies or a cool drink. Never been really that impressed with them….nothing seems to be executed all that well, but anyways…onto the review.

I got a Mango Slush (3.99). I would’ve ordered one of their muffins or cookies, or something along those lines…but they just did not look all that appetizing (may have been frozen and rethawed), so I just stuck to a beverage. Overall, it was really watery. Like I saw the guy add in Mango juice and some unidentified powder, then plenty of ice, but yikes, this has to have been 70% water! I know it’s a slush, but sheesh…it really disintegrated the flavour. Not worth the cost, in my opinion, though the people working there are nice enough.


-Nice folks

-SOME of their stuff isn’t too expensive, like the baked goods


-None of the baked goods tasted that fresh, on previous visits

-Drink was SUPER watered down for some reason

Closing Comments: I don’t think this was just an off day, as on a previous trip, where I ordered a “slush”, you could tell it was the liquid with chunks of ice floating about, not really blended…

Overall Rating: 2.7 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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