Rockin’ It with Easilyfull: Basil Pasta Bar

Seriously, Davie Street has to be one of the most heavily restaurant populated places in Vancouver. Not only for the sheer volume of places to go, but for the diversity as well! So far, I’ve seen Greek, Middle Eastern, Quebecois (by virtue of poutine), Japanese, Mongolian, and many others. However, for today’s visit, I was joined by Easilyfull as we ventured forth to Basil Pasta Bar (lool, I assure you, like I did Easilyfull, that it’s just a place that serves pasta, not like a drinking beer kind of bar)


Easilyfull had the Penne Arrabiata (7.95). The spicy tomato sauce had a bit of a kick to it, though not so much that it’d burn the roof of your mouth off. The penne itself was very al dente (for those that are unfamiliar with many culinary terms, like me lol, it wasn’t too mushy or overly firm, just right). Despite the dish not looking like a lot, it’s pretty damn filling once you factor in cheese and all of the heavy sauces. Thought Easilyfull was just…well, easily full from the small amount, but turns out, after eating my own, it’s heavy lol, like dropping a brick into your stomach.


I ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara (7.95) The noodles were also very al dente, just like the Penne, which was nice as it’s enjoyable to have something that you can semi-chew, instead of disintegrating on impact. The sauce was SUPER SUPER creamy and heavy, but man….it was sure damn good (it was rich like Alfredo sauce). The bacon was alright, I mean it tasted okay, though which it was a TAD crunchier or whatever (guess the sauce kind of made it mushy, oh well c’est la vie).



-Very tasty, filling meals

-Noodles are actually al dente! 

-Staff are very friendly

-You can create your own pastas there, for same price as pre-made ones


-Would not know where to park if I drove here

-Tiny place, kind of cramped

-CAN get busy really fast

Closing Comments: For a reasonable price, you can fill yourself with some pretty damn well cooked pasta!!

Overall Rating: 4.0 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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