Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna

Must be something about the area, but it seems like there are quite a few joints along Davie St. that give you a good bang for your buck. Considering a lot of their dishes are phenomenally cheap and you get a pretty good sized portion, I was surprised there wasn’t a lineup down the street, but oh well, lucky us I guess, haha. 

Here’s the Chicken Souvlaki Pita (6.95). having a general idea of what to expect from the one that’s at Opa, I thought I’d give this a go. This was..pretty odd to me, to say the least. The pita was crunchy and kinda odd in texture, almost like it was chewy (didn’t care for it). The chicken inside was quite spicy, which I kind of liked, though it was really dry. The fries were UBER UBER salty, like someone unleashed the salt shaker onto the plate. The tzatziki wasn’t bad though as it had a very greek yogurt-like thickness to it and a good amount of sourness.

For 10.95, you can also get a lamb platter which comes with lamb, rice pilaf, potatoes and greek salad. The rice is pretty much your standard rice…not going to go into that. The potatoes were pretty moist, probably boiled. Greek salad was kind of gross though as the veggies tasted like they weren’t ripe enough. The lamb itself was just sorta satisfactory, as it was very VERY fatty and rather bland.

The Bifteki (6.95) took FOREVER to come for some reason. They claimed they were trying to cook it just right…but I’m thinking maybe they just lost the order or forgot about it. Anyways, it came with that weird crunchy and chewy pita that the chicken souvlaki pita came with…bleh. The meat was alright though, it kind of had the texture of a super thick hamburger though the only discernible flavours were lemon. 



-Friendly service (but…[see Bad]

-Giant portions


-Literally JUST sat down, and asked if we were ready to order; trying to rush you out

-Kept reassuring us that the food would be there shortly (obvious they probably lost order lol)

-Quality is just sorta..meh, 

Closing Comments: It’s cheap and you get massive portions but don’t expect much taste wise. The servers are nice enough though.

Overall Rating: 3.3 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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