Waiting and Waiting..at Red Wagon

If you’ve driven along East Hastings, it’s impossible to miss the ginormous lineup spilling out of Red Wagon. As we walked up to the door, you could hear dozens of people asking “How long’s the wait”, with it increasing progressively (20 minutes…45 minutes…1.5 hours..) but to our surprise, since we only had the 2 of us, we got in instantly (yay, someone up there likes us today lol). That’ll be a recurring theme for this adventure (waiting and waiting and waiting….)

Since Red Wagon is renowned for their breakfasts, that’s exactly what we ordered. Shown above is the “customizable” omelette. For 10 bucks, you get a 3 egg omelette with your choice of topping and side (this one’s got maple bacon and swiss on the inside and a salad for the side).  The salad was fresh, the eggs were done awesomely (not rubbery or any of that junk), and the bacon was superb. But, the only complaint is that for 10 bucks, this is a pretty meagre portion. I mean seriously…no toast even? 

Red Wagon’s claim to fame is their $13 pulled pork pancakes with Jack Daniels maple syrup. First off, the syrup, it’s maple syrup with a VERY distinct aftertaste of Jack lol, it was interesting to say the least. The pancakes themselves were very fluffy and absorbed a lot of the juices from the pulled pork sandwiched between them. The pulled pork itself..mmm… pretty good, it was salty, but had a hint of spiciness to it which was accompanied by a mouthful of savoury juices. When you mix the unique taste of the syrup with the savoury flavours of the meat, you get an AWESOME combination.


-I like their pulled pork

-Jack Daniels syrup is definitely interesting

-They have good bacon


-Took FOREVER for the food to come, and I guess it COULD’VE taken just as long to get a table if we weren’t so lucky

-Place is tiny, and kinda dirty

-Food is good, don’t get me wrong, but portions are really tiny (especially for cost)

Closing Comments: The food IS good in quality, but seriously it’s kind of a rip off for the small little portions you get. Although it LOOKS like your run of the mill friendly neighbourhood diner, I think this is more of a place to be seen (lot of hipsters in there!)

Overall Rating: 3.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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