G-Be Izakaya (Odd name, I know)

I don’t know who chose the name for this place, because it sounds like they were trying to create a new element for the periodic table or something. But anyways, just as a sidenote, I really don’t care for hot pot places much as I find them really hard to stomach (the food and the cost lol). Onto the straight goods!

Shown above is a whole jumble of things: wintermelon, won ton, yam, tofu, vermicelli, fish balls, and raw beef and chicken underneath. Overall, the quality of the stuff was just OKAY. The meats were fine, as were the veggies, but what was up with the fishballs…They just had a very odd taste and aftertaste to them (they were simmering in the pot for awhile, which had a Miso base by the way, so they weren’t raw).

We ordered several types of noodles, one of which was udon. It had a good texture to it, not too mushy or anything (though I guess that’s primarily based on my cooking skills LOL).

You can tell we don’t really go to hot pot much, as we REALLY filled up on carbs. Here we have, you guessed it, instant noodles. It comes out of a pack, so I’m not really going to go into this.

The ramen they provided was pretty good. Didn’t really taste/feel like the instant kind either!

The seaweed salad had a very tangy taste to it, and the texture reminded me a lot of the jellyfish stuff you get in Chinese cold plates.

Part of the non-hot pot stuff, we ordered some BBQ salmon belly. It was very oily and fatty, but man was it taste. The salmon pretty much melted in your mouth!

The deep fried fish balls tasted a LOT better than the really strange tiny ones that we got with the hot pot. They had a certain firmness to them, which was good, and were quite tasty.

Can’t forget about the BBQ chicken wings, haha. They were quite tasty on the outside, being well seasoned, but I don’t think they were let to sit long enough, or seasoned after being cooked, as the internal meat was SUPER bland.

At first, their chicken nuggets appeared to be exactly like the McDonalds variety, but we soon found out they had a MUCH lighter batter and were actually quite tasty (they really helped absorb the gooey aftertaste from the hot pot fish balls…blech).


-GENERALLY, the ingredients for the hot pot stuff was fresh

-The BBQ stuff wasn’t too shabby

-Nice interior


-22 for the “deluxe menu” (comes with sashimi and stuff) + 10 for soup base? That’s a rip off…especially considering the “Izakaya” stuff isn’t even included AT ALL. (plus..what Izakaya stuff lol, there wasn’t really anything like that on the menu)

-Service was sparse, despite there being tons of waiters and waitresses, and the place not even being half full

-Fish balls? blech

Closing Comments: It was alright for a once in awhile thing I guess, but overall, I don’t think the cost is justified.

Overall Rating: 3.3 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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