Mochi Bubble Tea Cafe (?)

Tucked away in one of the many little plazas in Richmond, Mochi Bubble Tea was super tricky to find! Little did we know, it is housed in the exact same location as Magnetic Cafe (the former tenant), so  I guess if we had known that first, it’d have been an easier trek lol. 

I ordered one of the few desserts they had, a shaved ice concoction. This one’s got condensed milk, red bean, green mango and..mochi? This thing was pretty mountainous, so I thought the mochi would have been buried, but really, how can you put mochi in something like this lol. Honestly, I think they have mochi, the Japanese one, confused with something else. Oh well, it was very refreshing nevertheless, though a bit odd.


-Cheap (4.50) for this kind of thing I guess

-Attentive service

-Clean washroom


-This place is in the middle of nowhere

-Did they even bother renovating Magnetic, as it looked the same inside lol.

-I don’t think they know what Mochi is

Closing Comments: Meh, tried it once, probably won’t come back.

Overall Rating: 3 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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