Ooey Gooey Goodness at Mom’s Grilled Cheese

Nothing’s more satisfying than some warm, oozing grilled cheese…it’s so satisfying, it should be considered a drug lol. Where else to get grilled cheese than at one of the best joints in town, Mom’s!

I ordered the daily special; since it was Tuesday, it was the “Italian Job” (9.75). The bread was very freshly crunchy and had a distinct garlicky taste due to the sandwich being grilled in garlic butter; it was really yummy, almost like eating garlic bread itself! The bread, itself, also had a very olive oily flavour to it (I guess that’s expected since it lists it having that and Rosemary in the bread LOL). The Boccocini was just so well melted throughout…I can’t explain it in words. The cheese, mixed with the tomatoes reminded me almost of a Greek Salad but instead of feta, it was melted boccini all the way through. The chips that came with it were well seasoned themselves, and bonus, they’re local!


-Made on the spot

-Mom’s awesome, super nice and friendly



-HUGE lineups

-Can take awhile due to it being made fresh

-Expensive for what it is (yea yea you can always argue you can make it at home, etc)

Closing Comments: There’s a reason it’s named one of the best Grilled Cheese places in town

Overall Rating: 3.95 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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