Famous Warehouse

It’s a pretty tiny joint yet service seems very sparse; were waiting to be seated for like forever, yet there was like 3 waitresses there…what’s up with that. Mich was going to go crazy if we weren’t served when we were (you could just see the cannibalistic blood lust in her eyes due to MASSIVE hunger pangs….yikes)Anyways, onto the straight goods.

I ordered the Works Burger. For $4.95, you get a pretty big sandwich and fries. The bun is very nicely toasted with a slight crunch to every bite and is anything but tough/chewy. The patty itself was super juicy and flavourful, it has to be one of the most awesome tasting beef patties I’ve eaten. The crunchy bacon melted so well together with the cheese that it seemed borderline sinful…yum. Veggies were sort of a miss though, as they weren’t entirely fresh (kind of mushy).¬†

The fries were not too bad, though they weren’t the best I’ve ever had. They had a mild, but not overly bearing, seasoning though they could’ve stood to have been fried a bit longer; they were a little on the mushy side for my liking.

As their menu says, everything is 4.95 (these Perogies were no different). The outer skin was really nice as they were done almost like Pot Stickers. However, I found the cheese on the inside to be a tad on the bland side. On a side note, Mich noted that, despite it being AYCE Pasta Monday, the Mac N’ Cheese really sucks (somehow, it has less flavour than your run of the mill Kraft Singles).



-Really good burgers

-Seems like a happening place with an energetic atmosphere


-Service is sparse, despite it being a small place and plenty of waiters/waitresses

-Washroom is…odd

-Perogies and Mac N’ Cheese are bland¬†

-Really loud (some like that, maybe it isn’t that bad)

Closing Comments: With everything being 4.95, you could easily order 2 meals and still stuff yourself for under 10 bucks. What’s up with the washroom though…it seems like they forgot to build it early on and just threw it wherever there was extra space.

Overall Rating: 3.75 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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