Sushi Nanaimo

I don’t think I’ve come across that many “authentic” Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, aside from the few downtown. However, I heard, by word of mouth, that Sushi Nanaimo was not only authentic, it was fabulously good and cheap, so off I went!


First off, we have the Roll Combo (7.95). It includes California Rolls, Dynamite Rolls, Tuna Rolls, and Salmon Rolls. The california rolls had a nice firmness to the rice and wasn’t overly loaded with mayo like some places do! (cough….Samurai Sushi…cough). The dynamite roll was really tasty and, for once, the tempura actually tasted very fresh and warm! The tuna and salmon rolls were both very nicely, tightly, wrapped and fresh (not overly slimy or anything like that).


The salad and the miso came with the Roll Combo. The greens tasted very fresh and crunchy while the soup was super super rich and had large chunks of tofu simmering around.


Tamago Roll (1.95). They were very nicely wrapped, like the tuna and salmon rolls, and weren’t overly sweet.


The Nanaimo Roll (sorry I forgot to note down the price, but I believe it was around 8.95). It consisted of deep fried yam, salmon, teriyaki sauce and mayo. The flavours actually blended very well together in this, and came with a surprising spicy kick at the end of each bite. The texture from the crunchy yam made the experience even more enjoyable! (this was my favourite roll)


6 Chicken Karage Wings (3.95). They were piping hot when we got them and boy, the batter was super super light! Unlike some places where you’ll just be getting a mouthful of flour, this one was pretty decent.


Chicken Teriyaki (7.50). The veggies were cooked quite nicely in that they weren’t entirely firm, like when they’re raw, nor were they mushy like baby food. The sauce had a very nice balance too between not too salty and not too sweet. 


Beef Yakisoba (7.50). Yikes, lens fogged up from the heat of the thing, lol. Other than the fact it was SUPER oily (due to how it’s made), it was pretty yummy. 



-Huge Portions


-Great Service

-Clean Washroom


-What parking?

-Small place, gets busy fast

Closing Comments: I’m sold, this is going to be my new favourite Japanese restaurant.

Overall Rating: 4.2 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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