Banquet at Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant

Since it’s important to cover a variety of food joints for a variety of occasions, I’ve decided to write a review on a recent wedding banquet I went to…so here it is in all of it’s MSG laden greatness, just kidding (or am I?)

First off, we have what I call the “cold platter” (it’s just basically appetizers). It comes with Calamari, Roast Pork, and “Slaw” (it’s like melon and chicken mixed together…I’m not sure what to call it, lol). The calamari was very crunchy though it was a tad overly salty. The pork was very flavourful and juicy, though I really did not like the slaw. The sweetness of the melons and the savory taste of the chicken…it just didn’t do anything for me.

The “next item up for bid” were crab claws. Although they were very fresh and crispy on the outside, flavour-wise, I found them to be a bit lacking. At the risk of sounding cliche, “could’ve used more salt”

The Peking Duck Wraps were the next to arrive. You get hoisin sauce, cucumbers/green onion, duck skin, and a wrap; it’s basically like a taco/burrito. The duck skin was very crispy and tasty though it was UBER oily. Never really became super fond of duck, it’s gamy, oily, fatty, bleh.

I guess in the spirit of using up the entire animal, they put the rest of the duck into a duck meat and green beans dish. The duck was very bland , though quite tender, and the beans were fully loaded in MSG and oil.

The winter melon soup with shrimp, mushroom, and chicken has to be one of my favourite dishes from the banquet. It was very savory with a deep, rich flavour though you could definitely taste the MSG lol.

The lobster dish is a staple of Chinese banquets. Although it appeared very saucy, it turned out to be quite bland, unfortunately. I always find it’s hard to eat a lot of shell fish…too much cholesterol 

The next dish consisted of green beans, gai lan, squid, carrot, scallops, and shrimp. The beans, squid, and shrimp were all very tasty and not overcooked, I likey! The only downside to this dish was that the scallops were very bland.

Sweet and sour pork? I found it to be very interesting in that it’s typically more of a daytime lunch dish rather than a banquet item. The sauce wasn’t overly syrupy and sweet, which was very pleasing, though the pieces were, unfortunately, super fatty.

The deep fried fish with corn sauce, another surprise! It’s a welcome change in contrast to the bony fish you’d usually get. The pieces were all very crispy and fresh tasting and the sauce, yum! This dish was very well executed (trust me it can be done wrong and when it is…YUCK)

The fried rice with BBQ pork was very bland. Maybe it was because they had to make huge batches of it..but it could’ve really stood to have been fried a bit longer.

A surprise, yet again…or was it? The seafood chow mein looked good when it arrived but it suffered from a case of blandism (n. lacking in any sort of gustatory character) lool.

Dessert time! Yum tapioca pudding with red bean. The outer layer was very crispy while housing a melt in your mouth combination of red bean and tapioca on the inside. It was well done!

There is nothing I’d like more than Mango Pudding than more Mango Pudding, so I was elated when it came to the table. Unfortunately, it also suffered from a serious case of blandism. At least the other pudding (gogi berries inside) was a tad sweet.


-Very solid dishes

-Polite, attentive service

-Awesomely clean washroom


-Some things have a lot of MSG

-Blandism (for some)

-Parking is at a premium

Closing Comments: I’ve had some bad banquets in my life, but this was not one of them :D

Overall Rating: 3.7 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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